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Just 10 km from the center of Karlovy Vary is the national monument of nature
Svatošské Rocks. A group of huge granite rocks creates amazing formations, for example, the
petrified wedding procession, the Venetian mine (an artificial cave) and the Old Loket hill
fort (a prehistoric settlement on a rocky promontory above the Ohře river from the middle
of the Stone Age). Romantic Valley is only available for pedestrians, cyclists and water
workers. The National Monument of Nature is part of the 10-km Doubí Ecological Trail –
Svatošské Rocks with 12 stops that acquaint tourists with interesting information from the
field of geology, archeology, history and botany.

7 km from Svatošské Rocks is the town of Loket with the Gothic fortress. The city was
founded in the thirteenth century. In 1979, Loket was declared an urban historical and
cultural reserve. It was from the Loket fortress that Charles IV set out to hunt. Legend has it
that once during a hunt, his retinue discovered the first Karlovy Vary hot spring. The
exposition of the fortress is very interesting, especially a serf dungeon with an authentic
exhibition of torture law, a museum of weapons and an exhibition of porcelain.