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Karlovy Vary

The heart of Karlovy Vary is the colonnade.

These unique buildings with characteristic long rows of columns are an integral symbol of
Karlovy Vary, the city is known as the “city of colonnades”. ⠀

Colonnades were built primarily for protection from the weather for everyone who came for

In the shadow of the colonnades, vacationers could drink medicinal water directly from the
springs without paying attention to weather conditions. ⠀

However, just walking along the colonnade itself has become a kind of cultural ritual for all

There are 5 colonnades in Karlovy Vary:

Market colonnade. The carved wooden colonnade in the Swiss style was built in 1882-1883.
Includes 3 springs – Charles IV Spring (64 °C), Lower Castle Spring (55 °C) and Market Spring
(65 °C).

Castle colonnade. The modernist colonnade, built in 1910 – 1912. Includes 2 springs – Lower
castle Spring (55 °C) and Upper castle Spring (56 °C).

Hot Spring colannade. The modern glazed reinforced concrete colonnade in the style of
functionalism was built in 1975 over the Hot Spring (73 °C), the most popular Karlovy Vary
mineral spring.

Mill colonnade. The stone colonnade in the style of pseudo-renaissance was built in 1871-
1881. Includes 5 springs – Mill Spring (56 °C), Rusalka Spring (60 °C), Prince Václav Spring (65
°C), Libuse Spring (63 °C) and Rock Spring (47 °C)

Park Colonnade. Openwork cast-iron colonnade remained from the concert restaurant
“Blanensky Pavilion”, built in 1880 – 1881. Includes Snake Spring (29 °C).

The last Spring, the Spring of Freedom (62 °C), is located in the Arbor of the Spring of
Freedom. The octagonal wooden, decorated with columns arbor was built in 1865.

Just 10 km from the center of Karlovy Vary is the national monument of nature Svatošské Rocks. A group of huge...